How to fix common errors for Canon and HP refilled Inks
How to fix common errors for Canon and HP refilled Inks

Canon Ink Cartridge Errors and Low/Empty Ink warnings

Remanufactured/Refilled Canon Ink Cartridges are NOT EMPTY, please follow the below instructions.

If the below menu appears then you will need to press and hold down the stop/reset button on your printer (the button on your printer has symbol of a triangle inside a circle) hold the button down for longer than 8 seconds, the button is on your printer and will be similar to one of the images on the right.


DO NOT CLICK CANCEL - Hold down the button similar to the ones circled below to continue printing.


Hold the button down for 8 seconds

Please ignore the ink levels if they display low or empty as above, send it a print job and you will still be able to print as normal if you follow all of the above instructions.

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